The IoT Platform for
Science Education

Hands-on IoT sensor and actuator hardware science projects that promote prototyping and problem solving for teams and individuals.


Hands-on programming utilizing open source computing standards and principles to develop, tune, and power your science projects.


Connect your science projects to the Scimodo IoT dashboard to monitor, share, and compare the data your projects generate.


Use the Scimodo platform to prepare the next generation of scientists and engineers through practical hands-on, experiential learning.

Open Source Projects:
  • Requires hands-on building and programming.
  • Designed to address specific STEM Science NGSS requirements.
  • Uses popular micro-controllers, sensors, and actuators.
  • Extensible, re-configurable, and re-usable.
Real time Cloud:
  • View your projects’ sensor data in real-time and historical views.
  • Remotely trigger and control your projects’ actuators.
  • Overlay 3rd party data sources on top of project data.
  • Curriculum tied to NGSS.
  • Share and compare your data with other classrooms.
  • Collaborate on lesson plans for projects, project tweaks, and project designs.
  • Challenge and compete with other classrooms around the world.

The problem facing all educators, early elementary through high school, is that few classrooms have ever taught science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) effectively. Many educators are now questioning if they’ve ever really taught students science, and if not, what effective STEM instruction is and what it looks like. To help address this, sixteen states have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), with 24 more states showing interest. But navigating NGSS is challenging; educators are often left on their own when it comes to developing and implementing programs and curriculum that help them meet these new standards. We’re working to fill this gap by providing teachers and students with hands-on STEM science education activities that meet NGSS requirements. We’re developing science projects and lesson plans that are tied directly to NGSS requirements across specific class grades and science subjects. And best of all – students will have access to creative and inspiring projects that require them to build, code, learn, and collaborate in the wonderful world of software, hardware, electronics, and engineering.

The Environmental Sensor Project

The Scimodo Environmental Sensor Project box includes the Arduino MKR 1000 (with WiFi), a Breadboard and Solderless Pin Wires for assembling your project, a Ambient Light Sensor, a Temperature and Humidity Sensor, a Sound Pressure Sensor, and a Hygrometer Soil Moisture Sensor. Below are step-by-step instructions to guide you through the entire project build process, including how to connect it to the Scimodo cloud portal where you’ll be able to monitor your data results in real-time or historical views. In addition, you’ll be able to compare your project sensor data with local or regional weather data through our Weather API. Our cloud dashboard allows you to create many different views of your project’s data – from individual gauges, charts, and graphs, or combined views of the data in a single chart to learn about relationships that exist between then. Instructions for building and connecting your Environmental Sensor Project to the Scimodo Cloud, along with the lesson plan and worksheet are available to download here:

Instructions for Building The Environmental Sensor Project PDF 
Environmental Influence On Plant Growth Middle School Lesson Plan PDF
Environmental Influence On Plant Growth Worksheet One PDF
Growth & Development of Plants Class Presentation (PDF)